My name is Charlotte, and ever since I was young, instead of asking for dolls that my grandparents and parents had been giving me on Christmas, I always preferred to have Lego and started to come to my brother: as soon as I could take them and started building anything… Because they were homes!


Small, large, shacks, castles, rooftop or large terraces. There was no limit to fulfil my pleasure! I was always eager to give those dolls a place to live. And it has always been like that every year.

There was no story in high school: Because I wanted to go to a school where I could draw and create spaces as much as I want so I ended up study Furniture. And then I took the best major I that in the world for my university study: Architecture. Now, what if I did not pursue my passion? Curiosity (the great engine of my life) towards the world of design, shapes, new materials, light and color, has led me to the designing world.

Whether it is a big project for thousands of people or the renovation of a small cottage for two; for me, there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to interpret a person’s tastes and styles and find a way to make him fit into a place that is completely his own.

The desire to grasp the opportunities to dare and experiment, but also the opportunity to confront me with the most consolidated image of tradition, gave me experiences which allow me to grow more in design.